P.14of Rhiannon's Version of Blow Out the Moon

Rhinannon's note for this page says: "Door opens and you are standing there!"

(I put the picture first on this page because I wanted to be sure everyone saw the girls at the bottom!--Libby)


You can get the book that started it all, Blow Out the Moon,
in libraries, bookstores, and online at amazon.


(In case you got here from another site:
Blow Out the Moon is a novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England. You can read parts of it online.

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It is a published book because so many people read it online andwrote to me about it! This is it:

You can also get it at your library, a bookstore, or order it from barnesandnoble, amazon. If your bookstore or library doesn't have it, they can order it for you.

--Libby (the author)
Email: Libby.Koponen@gmail.com

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