P.20 of Rhiannon's Version of Blow Out the Moon

There was no note for this page, but in her card she explained, "Last two pages are our 1st emails. I also put the th Temper poem in my original project, I just didn't send it to you." She also told me that when she presented the project to her class, she made scones, lemon curd, and peas. They all tried eating the peas the way we did in the book.

Thank you, RHINANNON, for doing this this project on my book!!! I am honored.



You can get the book that started it all, Blow Out the Moon,
in libraries, bookstores, and online at amazon.


(In case you got here from another site:
Blow Out the Moon is a novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England. You can read parts of it online.

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It is a published book because so many people read it online andwrote to me about it! This is it:

You can also get it at your library, a bookstore, or order it from barnesandnoble, amazon. If your bookstore or library doesn't have it, they can order it for you.

--Libby (the author)
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