School Visits FEES

Some schools have funds for visits from authors; others do not. If your school doesn't have funds for author visits, please invite Libby anyway: schools have paid Libby anywhere from $75 to $750! She is grateful for each and every visit. It's an honor to be asked and a pleasure to spend time with children, librarians, and teachers.

Average fee for schools with funds: $650.

One day can include up to five presentations. If this is not enough time for all the classes that would like to meet with Libby, or some classes would like longer presentations, she can return the following morning at no charge or do a second day for half the cost of the first day.

Book Groups and Libraries
If Libby will be in your area, and your group is reading Blow Out the Moon, she would love to join in the discussion. There is no fee for this,
though if you are more than an hour's drive from Mystic, Connecticut, Libby will need a travel stipend.

For more information, or to schedule a visit, please write to Libby at
.com or call her at 617 901 7516.

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