Which story would YOU pick for a play?

To read a story, click its underlined name. (In an extra chapter from the book Blow Out the Moon, the kids are talking about putting on a play: these are the stories they think of doing... all fairy tales. )


Rumplestiltskin on

This is Rumplstiltskin dancing and singing to himself. Not a great picture....scroll to see a better one, drawn by a child.



Cinderella on (two versions)


The book will be out in paperback this spring! Sleeping Beauty  

"Sleeping Beauty" on

Sleeping Beauty when she first sees the spinning wheel.




Little Red Riding Hood (two versions)


"Red Riding Hood" on the Web






The wolf about to eat the Grandmother in "Little Red Riding Hood."







  Little Red Riding Hood talking to the wolf when he's pretending to be the grandmother.


Jack and the Bean Stalk


"Jack and the Bean Stalk" on

You might not have recognized this one -- it's when Jack is looking at the magic beans. How can you tell that he hasn't traded the cow for them yet?
  Hansel and Gretel  

Actually, we didn't think of Hansel and Gretel,but that would have been a good one to do, too. There isn't much magic, and we had enough people. It could have been both funny (the kids eating the house RIGHT AFTER the bird tells them not to) and frightening (the witch).

If you were going to act out "Hansel and Gretel," how would you do the talking bird?

"Hansel and Gretel" on

















Hansel and Gretel when they get to the witch's house (the pictures don't show the bird that tells them not to eat the house).

I find both of these pictures very frightening, I think because of the witch.


At first, she doesn't look bad; but the more I look at the picture, the more evil she looks. That scares me.



  I like this one the best because Hansel is eating so eagerly and Gretel looks either startled or scared.
  The Princess and the Pea  

We didn't think of this story, either, but I think it would have been fun to do because it could have been funny.


We could have made the Princess a real brat -- after all, she kind of was.

The Princess and the Pea on

I can't tell from this picture if the Princess has just gone to bed or is just getting up. I don't really like this picture very much but it's the only one for this story that I could find -- and I like the story. Why don't you draw one and send it to me?





If you just got to this Web site: it has a true story about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England. The hardcover is in stores and libraries now; the paperback will be out this spring. This is the hardcover:


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which story it's supposed to be? I was a better writer than drawer).


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