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I love getting letters from young readers and always write back!

Some Emails I've Received (I only post them WITH your permission and your parents and never include your real name or full email address)

Dear Libby,
I love to read, and read hundreds of books each year. Out of all the books in my life, this is my favorite. It made me really WANT to go to Sibbington Park, and I have not read many books with authors this concerned about readers. After I finished the book,I passed it around to all my friends (or, some of them, like you I have TONS) and they loved it! They all asked if you are going to write a sequal, so I am hoping you will tell me in your reply. I am so amazed by this book, and I was SO sad when I was finished, and I mean it, and am not just saying this. You are SUCH a amazing writer, and I hope one day you will write another, just as good (though it would be hard to compete with your book)book for more kids to read! Love,Erica

Dear Ms. Libby Koponen,

I thought that your book was magnificently well done and that it moved at
a great pace. I think that the title is a good "eye catcher" and made me, (as
well as others), pick up the book. Although, why was it called, "Blow Out the
I could easily relate to the book and thought it funny of some of our
many coincidences:
My twin brother and mother lived in England for a month. I visited them with
my dad often. I hope to become a writer one day and always thought of myself
as a "Jo" (from Little Women). Suprisingly enough, one of my closest friends
thought of me as an Amy! I was extremely upset and shocked.
If you don't mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions. 1). What
would you say was the "moral" of the story? I thought the moral was that: you
can find the most treasured friends and homes in a place thought to be awful
if you only put some time and effort into changing yourself. Is that close to
the moral?
2). Are you close to your sister, Emmy? What about your mother and
father? In your story I didn't sense a great feel for closeness between you and your
3). Have you kept in touch with Henry and Veronica, what about Clare or
I haven't looked at your website yet but am excited to see it.
Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to see many more books by
the (hopefully VERY famous) author, Libby Koponen.
Respectfully yours,
Annie __________. Also - my email is P.S. I was going to sign my letter yours 'till the butter
flies ( your washing bin was so greasy because of your midnight feast's never used
butter)!!!! :-)

Dear Libby,
I really enjoyed getting your email and found the answers very satisfying. Yes, of course you can put my letter on the website.
Thankyou for getting back to me so quickly.
Your friend,

Dear Libby,

I really loved Blow Out the Moon! My librarian recommended it to me and I
couldn't (or wouldn't!) put it down! I'm 11 years old and I want to travel
all over the world when I grow up! I especially want to go to Ireland. I
got invited to go to England on a Student ambassadors thingy, but I didn't
go... kinda wish I did. I am a tomboy, too and I want to be an author. Do
you like cats? (A question bubbling in my mind!) I have a very sweet one
named Tommy who will get nose-to-nose with my goldfish, Kitty! (they're
best friends) I hope you can e-mail me back!
Your friend (who has the book checked out!),

Hi! My name is Sam ____ and I LOVED your book. It made me really feel like I was at the school and in England. It was very discriptive. I had read about 2 chapters of the book and then stopped for about a week. I stayed home sick from school one day and read the rest of the book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. When I came down stairs it was around 12:30 my mom asked me if i was sleeping the whole time. I was like "no way, I was reading and I finished my book" Your book brought me to a new world. Well, thats all that i wanted to say. E-Mail me back if you wish at I would love to hear from you.

(I really wish I could put real names but I am afraid that some creep would read them and use them!--Libby)

Your life was amazing! I wish I would have had it.When I first picked it up,
and read the side page I thought it wasn't a real story, but that didnt stop
me from buying it. When I did find out it was based on a true story, I read
even faster. It was a really great book and its a shame that you didnt see any
of the girls again. Well, my name is Merina Mesa I'm 14 from Dallas,Tx. Just to
let you know whos writing you. Anyway I thought this would be a good
movie,and you sould sersiously think about turning it into one. Well I loved the book!


Dear Libby,

I really loved Blow Out the Moon! My librarian recommended it to me and I
couldn't (or wouldn't!) put it down! I'm 11 years old and I want to travel
all over the world when I grow up! I especially want to go to Ireland. I
got invited to go to England on a Student ambassadors thingy, but I didn't
go... kinda wish I did. I am a tomboy, too and I want to be an author. Do
you like cats? (A question bubbling in my mind!) I have a very sweet one
named Tommy who will get nose-to-nose with my goldfish, Kitty! (they're
best friends) I hope you can e-mail me back!

Your friend (who has the book checked out!),

I really liked your book Blow Out The Moon.I thought it was interesting,though when I took it to school some of my friends laughed
at the name.Why did you call it that?Also what happened to Veronica? I also think you should consider doing other books like it.I
appreciate you taking the time to read my e-mail,because I know you must be a very busy woman!
Tess _________

(After I wrote back, she wrote:)

Dear Libby,
I just lent my friend Blow Out The Moon,and she loved it.She said it was cool because, she can relate to the charecter.I  think that the book will be a slam hit.Alot of girls can relate to the situation.
Your Pal,

Tess ____________

Dear Libby,
I just finished Blow Out The Moon last night. I really enjoyed it. It was
supposed to be for a book report we are doing in class on funny books
where we draw a comic strip of the funniest part of the book. Our librarian
picked out the funny books in the library and put them on top of 2 shelves,
and book talked some of them. I think she might of put Blow Out The Moon
on by mistake, and I chose it.I personally didn't think of it as a funny book,
but I did like it A LOT. Although I might have to talk to my teacher about
reading a new book, I'm really glad I read this one by mistake. I write
stories, but I've only ever finished two: one for extra credit, that was
maybe 3 pages about wishes, and another for a contest I entered. Please
reply soon!

Claire* A*








Eighth grader's review in Just Books
This tale of a young girl's voyage to England and the total difference in life styles is fascinating. Libby doesn't want to move to England, she wants to stay with her friends, especially with Henry. Libby is fascinated by the long boat ride, but when she reaches England Libby isn't happy. She longs for the sunshine and her American life. The people at school aren't nice and Libby wants to leave, until she finds Sibton Park, an English boarding school for girls, and one boy. It offers horseback riding lessons, and to Libby's horror, table manners. Libby's joyous times at Sibton Park make you laugh out loud and her funny point of view is great. Sibton Park comes alive as you read this interesting, funny story of Libby Koponen's childhood - (JUNE release, high 3rd to low 7th grade)
-- Emily, 8 th grader

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Older Emails

Subj: Hello!
Date: 6/24/2004 12:52:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello Libby! I'm sending you an E-mail on this address in case you don't read the other letter i sent you on your other address-
I really did like your book! It was cool to hear about your life in a boarding school. Do you still have a little bit of an English accent? If you could have stayed longer in England would you have? I have always wanted to go to Britain! It sounds really fun! I hope you will reply to this E-mail!

Natalie B.

P.S.~ What has been your favorite continent that you have traveled to, and ridden horses on?

(After I wrote back, she wrote:)

Subj: Re: Hello!
Date: 6/28/2004 7:36:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Your welcome for the email! I really wanted to see if you would reply and I am so happy you did! Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't buy the book i just checked it out at our was very good.

Thats' cool that you still have an English accent! I would love to have an English accent!
Oh I hope i get to England someday too! I got invited to go there on a trip..student ambassadors..but i didn't. i wish i could've. what was your favorite part of being in England?

Wow. You have been to a lot of places! I would think it'd be VERY cool to see exotic birds! Who was the teenager you went riding with? haha it must have been so fun on that trip u you two didnt stop smiling the whole time!

I am going into the 8th grade. What type of books do i like you asked? I like historical fiction mostly about Q. Elizabeth, Queen Anne Bolyn....I also like anything set in England...I like pretty much anything except for science-fiction. What type of books do you like to read?


Subj: Blow out the moon
Date: 6/27/2004 11:56:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I read your book, Blow Out The Moon, and I really liked it. Some parts of it were really funny. You never mentioned any thing about blowing out the moon in your story. Where did the title come from? You said that you never saw any of your friends from the boarding school, but if you become a really famous writer like Marza said you'd be, Your friends from boarding school Would read your book and say, "Oh! I remember Libby!" And maybe you'd see them again. Did you get married to Henry? I like reading stories, and writing stories. I just don't like biographies unless they're written like a book. Biographies are just boring if they sound like She was the ... And then she ... She died in... That's just boring. I'm writing two stories at home right now. On is about a war between fairies, and one is about a far. I don't know what's going to happen in it. Every time the story starts getting boring, I make a twist. I don't like summer vacation. It's boring. When school
starts, I'll be in seventh grade. I like school. Did you like school? Sixth grade went by so fast! And life goes by fast too....

Smile! ! Be happy! (or at least try)

(After I wrote back, she wrote:)

Subj: Re: Blow out the moon
Date: 6/28/2004 11:39:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I like reading sci_fi, fantacy, uggg....i can't spell today. I like anything that catches my attention. I think that the title is right once you explained it, and that it's good to be complicated because it catches people's attentions. How old are you now? I have a liitle brother, but i hate him. you said that you had a little brother. did you like him?



Reviews Written by Children

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The New York Kids' Review of Books
This author's first book is based on the story of her own life. It is about how Libby leaves America and has to move to London for a year because her dad got a job there. Libby hates everything about London, especially school. Her mother notices that Libby is unhappy and suggests that she go to boarding school in the country. I thought that was weird because she was only eight years old. Boarding school wasn't so great for Libby at first. She didn't know anybody at the start and the other kids teased her about her American accent. Libby, however, came to love boarding school. She learns to ride horses, makes lots of new friends, and explores her desire to become an author. This book is interesting because you learn about what it was like to be an American going to an English school. What makes it fun is that the things in the book really happened to the author. She didn't just look stuff up in books and make it into a story but Koponen actually experienced the events that take place. Another fun thing about the book is that it is illustrated with photos and letters from the author's own childhood and time in boarding school. Blow Out the Moon is a funny and enjoyable light read. I would suggest it for girls aged nine and ten.
--Nina, (age 10, grade 4)

Drew Barrymore holding a copy of Blow Out the Moon. (Can you tell what it is? I could make this picture bigger if you can't.) Her apartment in the movie is my apartment in real life -- though they only filmed the outside here. The inside scenes will be filmed in a studio in Canada -- they took lots of photographs of the windows and walls, but the furniture and pictures (I have letters and drawings from kids on the walls) and books (I have hundeds, maybe thousands!) will be all different: probably much fancier!

It was fun to see how they filmed a movie.

Email about an Earlier Version

The whole book used to be on the Web, and here is what some people wrote about it.

Subj: Re: New Beginning
Date: 98-03-29 15:25:04 EDT
From: (she didn't want me to put her name)

I don't really like the third sentence. You kind of drag on a bit. First and second is pretty awkward. Hey! Don't get that disappointed look on your face!!!!!

It really lured me in!!! I love the book and so will many other excited young readers!

good luck on getting it published! I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, and if I did,I'm really sorry!


Subj: Hey
Date: 99-09-22 11:00:27 EDT
From: (she didn't want me to put her name)

I love the book! Miranda told me about the site.


Subj: Hi* I love your story*
Date: 3/19/00 1:04:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: *********

I stayed up all night reading all the chapter I really liked it but I have one question! What happen to you and Henry?


Subj: great book!
Date: 2/24/00 4:00:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (she didn't wane me to put her name)

I really loved the book! It was great!
It captured the essence of childhood mixed with beautiful writing.
I really enjoyed the book and I think it should be published. Please write a
A Fan


Subj: (no subject)
Date: 1/10/00 10:22:58 PM Eastern Standard Time

I don't really think it's so bad I sort of think ti's long! But it id
Thanks lots!!!!


Subj: No Subject
Date: 1/18/00 8:05:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: **********

I really love your HARRY POTTER books and,since i love reading,I'm sure I'll
love the book
about you,to.I know this website has nothing to do with Potter,but it was the
only e-mail of yours i could find,and i really love the potter books.I just
have one question for you,(if you're to busy to answer,it's O.K.)in the
imaginary world of wizarding,(well,it is my hope it exists),Can americans go
to Howarts?
Your BEst Reader,and number1 fan,


(I know the last letter is about Harry Potter, not about my book, but it was sent to me and it was such a great letter that I put it in here. I am sure Ms.Rowling would have been very happy to read it -- I forwarded it to her publisher and I hope they sent it to her.)


Subj: hi
Date: 5/20/00 11:24:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

it was great you should be a writer some day okay emaile me back before i read the harry potter series


(This is what people wrote when I asked which new title would be better: Blow Out the Moon or Over the Ocean)

Subj: Re: Question
Date: 7/5/00 10:38:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Steph______
To: Libkoponen

I think blow out the moon would be better! Thanks, you too*

*that was in reply to something I had wished for her


Subj: Re: Question
Date: 7/7/00 9:21:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (I've taken out the email address because it's not a good idea to leave them in)
To: Libkoponen

Dear Libby,
hard decision. In my opinion blow out the moon would make me much more intreauged. This might just be because I like poetry. My friend Penelope who's over at my house and loves to read, must have an opinion too, which is Over the Ocean because, I think Blow out the moon sound more exciting, but it sounds to me like too much of an action movie like Star Wars, or people are blowing up the moon. If it's supossed to be about that sort of stuff, I have to admit it's a good flashy tittle.(That was Penelope.)myself,i think titles shouldn't give stuff about a book away,that is,a fantasy,sci-fi,or Non-realistic fiction book.i LOVE the title Blow out the moon.about titles predicting books,Penelope thinks-Tittles can come in handy sometimes because, say you're looking for a book on magic, normally you just skim allong the tittles of books 'till you find what you're looking for. It's easier than having to look at the back of every book on a bookshelf until you find something on magic.Alexandra-look,i'm all for skiming titles,but you can't judge a book that way.i skim titles,then look at book if I like the tittle. if i was skiming for a title i liked,i would go for Blow out the moon way before over the sea. Penelope- I would go for over the ocean first but........ Alexandra does have a point about tittles.Sometimes they don't talk about say the genre of the story, like who would guess on their first try without hearing about it from other people, that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban was about magic? Bye, I'm signing over to Alexandra for good! alexanra-BYE Libby!
p.s.what's your pen name?
pps.2 hours,40 minutes till hp and the Goblet of fire!!!!


Subj: Blow Out the Moon
Date: 5/21/2002 3:15:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: *******
To: ('')

I read your story, and i just wanted to let you know that i thought it was
very good. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and i was kind of sad when it ended,
only one other book has ever left such lingering sadness at the conclusion
of the book and that was Gone With the Wind.
I'm no expert on literature (one of my regrets, that i one day intend to
rectify) but i love to read, i started reading at a very young age and my
passion for reading is as strong as ever, and i'm very surprised your book
isn't in print yet.


Subj: Blow Out the Wind
Date: 5/29/2002 7:51:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: *******

I really enjoyed the story.

Did you know that the link at the bottom of chapter 10 leads to chapter
12 and that the heading for the last chapter says 'XI' (eleven)

Also I could not find 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Again, many thanks for putting this site on the net.

hugs Kim


Subj: how to read them?
Date: 6/11/2002 4:46:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time

can you tell me how to read Jack and the Bean Stalk AND The Princess and
the Pea on the Web?what other good books would you recommend?and how to
read them? thanks,and good luck,i love your book.

Subj: MY NAME IS PETER ********
Date: 7/20/2002 7:44:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: *********




Subj: (no subject)
Date: 8/6/2002 1:03:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ********

i like your storys

i like your storys

Subj: I loved it!
Date: 10/3/2002 10:36:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ********

Dear Libby,

I just completed your story and I absolutely loved it! I hope that you
become very successful because, in my opinion, you are an extraordinary
writer. Thank you so much. If you have any other books online, please email
them to me.




Hey Libby,
YOu dont exactly know me or any thing. My names Jenni. I read your book/story on the internet. THat was sooooo goood. How old are you? Or actually how old were you when you wrote that book?(you know cause that sounds like a 5 year old PROBABLY didnt write it :)) DO you live in texas? well, sorry to bother you just email me back at ******** and I guess I'll ttyl (talk to ya later)

-email me-

Subj: review
Date: 7/9/00 6:40:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: **********

Hello Libby -- I was profoundly moved by having read your book yesterday:
if I give a few bare bones of my situation, you will probably understand. I
am an American, now aged 62, who moved to Ottinge (c. one mile towards
Canterbury from Sibton Park) in 1974 in order to send my three daughters to
Sibton as (primarily) day girls. All three went all the way through Sibton
-- then on to Benenden (the older two) and Cheltenham Ladies (the youngest)
-- and on to Smith College (the older two) and Brown University (the
youngest). It feels a little strange, being an American, to have had
probably a longer continuous experience of Sibton than anyone, brit or
other, not actually employed by the school. We witnessed not only the
transition of the school from Marza to her daughter, but also a bit of the
beginnings of the final transition involved in Barbara's and Hew's
retirement from heading the school. I must have been in and out of the
school several times a day over a period of at least twelve years. That
involved, predictably, a combination of detachment from the school as well
as continuous glimpses and insights. Part of the "detachment" side is
revealed by the fact that I learned quite a bit about the school from your
writing that I had missed from daily debriefings from by daughters and my
own observations.

My youngest daughter, while school was in session, used to write pages and
pages, extremely quickly, just before going to sleep, about the day's
happenings. A transcription would be a huge effort, but I do wish she would
do it one day. Perhaps your book will encourage her to try it. Unlike
other day girls, she loved school doings so much she would return to school
after supper to stay until the boarders of her year went to bed. --More
driving for me, but I had confidence in the validity of her choice in the

You may well hear more from me later; but, for now, let me simply express
my gratitude to you for the wonderful writing you have done. I cannot begin
to say how moved I was by it. Best wishes from Dick


Dear libby
I like your book Get it published .I would like To have read more details in it but it's good already.
from Taylour {a reader)

have been sitting at my desk for the last couple of hours reading what I came across purely by accident!<BR>
I was looking for some info on "cats cradle" for my seven year old daughter when I came across your web site.<BR>
With a passion for reading myself I began to become engrossed with your stories.<BR>
Admittedly, I only read snippets and was skipping from one to the next, but I can honestly say, it was thoroughly enjoyed! Totally riveting and an exciting visit back to my childhood! Much needed.<BR>
Anyway, sorry to bore you with all the details, but just wanted to say how much I look forward to showing Francesca (my little girl) your wonderful site. She will LOVE it!<BR>
Thank you.<BR>


Dear Libby,

I am a Spanish girl of 24, Sibton Girl and live in Madrid! I was taking a little break in my office and suddenly I started to think about Sibton Park, I was there during 2 years when I was 13 and 14 years old! so.... I just looked it up in the internet and came across your book! so... do you know where could I find your book here in Spain? just reading a bit of your stories at Sibton was a marvellous excursion to one the best periods of my childhood!!
I would really love to read your book entirely! not only me, but my friends. Thanks to Sibton, 4 Spanish girls from 4 different cities, met at Sibton, and since then we became best friends for ever! When ever we can, we organise to have dinner all the 4 of us and bring up all the good memories we lived together at Sibton! Stable storyes, the Pet Area, the sports competitions with other schools, Rounders, Netball, the teachers... all sorts of tricks!!
Well, I suppose you will be very busy, I will look for your book here in Spain, but if you have a little free time, please, write back to me and help me find your book!

Best Regards


Subj: I like Blow out the Moon
Date: 6/4/2003 10:19:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ********
Sent from the Internet

Dear Writer,
I'm almost done with the book. It's a GREAT book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might not be able to e-mail me back.


Laura, I tried to write you back and thank you for your letter, but you were right, I couldn't. Thank you for writing!