B i low s

Students look at pages with editors' comments.

Libby and girls from a book group.

Listening to a student sharing an idea.

Thank you for coming to our class
. I think your writing is wonderful because you have the immense gift of being able to make it full and exciting without having it go on and
on. It was fun to have you over
too because....
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Libby does two kinds of visits: writing workshops for all ages and, for grades 3-5 only, a combination of interactive presentation, discussion, and activities based on Libby's books.

"Anyone who teaches writing would find her presentation very valuable for students." -- Barb Howell, School Librarian, Increase Miller School

"You have a wonderful gift of writing and creating a rapport with children and making them feel special and important." -- Tricia Perry, Children's Librarian, Millis Public Library

"The class is still very excited about your visit and hoping you will come back. The other day I said, 'Guess who's coming to visit?' and they all shouted, 'LIBBY?' " -- Christine Size, fifth grade teacher. You can read the letters her class wrote here.

Blow Out the Moon is based on Libby's childhood and includes stories and letters she wrote then, mistakes and all. Libby shows early drafts, and laminated pages from the orignal ms. with the editors' comments and cuts -- surprisingly similar to the comments the students receive on their own papers! Libby also talks about the difference between writing creatively, as she does when writing fiction, and more factually, as she did in the True Books series she is doing for Scholastic. She uses examples from her own childhood to illustrate both.

Above, a childhood story of Libby's; below, a poem a boy wrote during a workshop.

She also demonstrates all the stages a ms. goes through on its way to becoming a published book with many examples, including alternate cover designs and galley proofs.

Librarians and teachers from schools Libby has visited are happy to talk to you about how Libby connected with and inspired their students as readers and writers. Email Libby.Koponen@gmail.com for details.

"The thing I liked about Libby coming was that she got to read us the missing chapter. It was so funny we all burst out laughing. We told her why we liked it so she could show those editors..."
--A fifth-grade boy's comment (Click here to see more letters from students)


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