Ordering Books

A book autographed by an author students have met and talked to is a constant reminder of the excitement of reading. Book sales also support the author and can provide supplementary funds to your school. The publisher gives schools a 40% discount and you can either use this discount to earn money for your school or pass the saving on to students.

It is recommended that schools order an initial set of books at least two months in advance of the visit. These books should be circulated among the teachers and students, and, ideally, read and discussed in class. At least half the value of an author visit comes from the students' anticipation. Students get more excited about seeing an author whose books they have read. And you can do few worse things to an author than put him or her in front of an unprepared audience!

Many schools also order books for the students to buy and for the author to sign on the day of the visit. Please order these a month in advance, and send an order form home with the students and remind them to bring it back (see below). It is not enough to announce to students that the books will be available on the day of the visit! Parents are almost always the ones who pay for the books.

Libby will bring cards or bookmarks or pictures, so that everyone will receive something signed and (if some students are buying books and others are not) no one is left out.

However, for many students -- and teachers, too! -- having a signed copy of the book is part of the excitement and a lasting memory of the visit.

It is best if these sales are not handled directly through Libby. Schools can order books directly from Little, Brown at a 40% discount.

The best way to order books is to call Catherine Kron at Little, Brown:

617 263 1906.

Please tell her the books are for an author visit.

Many librarians like to make their own book order form, telling parents about the author visit. Libby is also happy to email you one. Her order form includes:

  • announcement of the visit
    titles, brief descriptions, prices
    fill-in lines for purchaser's name and classroom
    fill-in lines for who to autograph the book to

This form should be sent home to parents for them to return with payment before the day of the visit. You may want to add (or ask Libby to add) information about when your school will need the signed forms and payment and to whom students should give these, and anything else you would like parents to know.

Sometimes, when they see other people getting their books signed, people wish they themselves had ordered books. So you may want to order extra copies. Any unsold copies can be returned to the publisher for full credit, though the school pays the return shipping charges.

Libby always brings cards, bookmarks or postcards, so that everyone will receive something signed and, if some students are buying books and others are not, no one is left out. Signing can be done during the lunch hour or between classes.


What to Expect from a Visit
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