Libby prefers to present to one class at a time -- her presentation is truly interactive,and this way, all the students can participate. She can present all day, with a short break for lunch.


A typical classroom visit lasts for between forty-five minutes and an hour. Libby can visit up to five classrooms in a day -- if more classes would like to see her, she can return the following morning at no charge.

When planning the day, please allow at least 5 minutes of unscheduled time between presentations and 45 minutes for Libby to eat lunch. Some schools plan a group lunch with librarians and teachers; others do not. It's up to you. If there is any unscheduled time during the day, Libby can use it to sign books.

When classroom teachers have read the book, their enthusiasm excites the students -- and makes Libby feel welcome, too. If the entire class has read the book, the students are usually very excited to meet the author and find out what really happened! Comments and questions from students and teachers are stimulating for everyone in the room.Some teachers like to join in the discussion part of the visit, or guide it; some do not. How this is handled depends on the teacher.

For many students -- and teachers, too! -- having a signed copy of the book is part of the excitement and a lasting memory of the visit. If you would like to have Libby sign copies of Blow Out the Moon, you'll need to order these copies in advance. Schools can order books directly from Little, Brown at a 40% discount: the phone number and other details are on the order page. The school can either keep this discount or pass it on to the students. Any copies the school orders but does not sell are fully returnable to the publisher.Libby always bring cards or bookmarks or pictures, so that everyone will receive something signed and (if some students are buying books and others are not) no one is left out.

Libby can sign books and the cards she brings in the classroom at the end of the visit or (if the visit are planned back to back) during unscheduled time or at the end of the schoolday.
SCHOOL NEWSPAPER. If your school would like to do an article about Libby's visit, she can supply photographs and any other material the student reporters need, either before or after the visit. Students can interview her by telephone or (if your schedule permits it) on the day of the visit.

Libby will need a signed letter confirming the date and fee in advance. Please also explain in advance how your school handles payment and give Libby the signed paperwork either in advance or at the end of the visit.

Visit Descriptions
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Ordering Books
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