Redone by Rhiannon

Rhiannon, a reader I've never met, did a school project on Blow Out the Moon. She made her own version of the book and then was nice enough to send me (Libby) color xeroxes of the pages -- they're drawings, pop-ups, collages, and paintings. One even shows what the title means! Here are the links to the pages in Blow Out the Moon Redone by Rhiannon:



Flag and Pledge



Won't Sing

Afternoon Happiness!

One More Year!!!

To Sibton Park!

Sibton Park

Not Done, Done

A Very Important Person

At Sibton Park you can ride horses!


Libby Sightseeing

The Richardsons

Happy Birthday Libby!

Not Allowed to Be Proud

Midnight Feast

Last Chance to Sing

The quotes on the pages are from her letter explaining what the pages were made of....

It's an amazing feeling for me as an author that Rhiannon did this project on my book: it's imaginative and fun to look at, and shows that she really understood what I was trying to say. Thank you, Rhiannon!

She has given me her permission to share her work with you. If you write to me about it, I will forward your letters to her (but without your email address: I'm sorry, but I can't give out people's email addresses or last names) or post them here.


--Libby (the author)




Blow Out the Moon is a novel about an American girl who goes to boarding school in England.

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